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Alexa Harkai

Pink Crocus

Normál ár 15.990 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 15.990 Ft
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Digital print on 100% silk.

Size: 20 cm x 100 cm.

Made in Como-Italy, finished in Hungary.

Hand wash only in cold water.

Crocus flowers have a rich symbolism of rebirth, renewal thanks to their early blooming in spring. It has the spice in it, the saffron as well. Ancient frescos show young girls almost always picking the flowers, linking the bloom to youth and joyfulness. If you have the spice in you as well, Crocus scarf is the perfect design for you, because you’re a harbinger of warmth, light, and cheerfulness.

You can wear it as a head/neck scarf, top, or you can tie it anywhere on your outfit, even on your bag.