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Alexa Harkai


Normál ár 18.990 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 18.990 Ft
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Digital print on 100% silk.

Size: 19 cm x 138 cm.

Made in Como-Italy, finished in Hungary.

Hand wash only in cold water.

The lady’s slipper stands for sudden and unpredictable attraction, which can also signify the effect the flower has on people. The beauty of this flower is the reason it has become the rarest wildflower. Due to the obsession, they were declared extinct once. The plant continued its existence in secret. These flowers got their names, as well as several folktales about them, from their resemblance to a soft-bodied shoe. It is also called the foot of Venus. She is the goddess of beauty, love, desire, and womanhood. 

You can wear it as a head/neck scarf, top, or you can tie it anywhere on your outfit, even on your bag.